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Some of you already may know, Celtic Journeys goes to Ireland every year in May, and then in September Scotland, Wales or Cornwall (in a circular pattern…) No two trips are ever the same, although we often return to favorite places. We have several individuals who go with us again and again! And now we've added a retreat on Holy Island (Lindisfarne) the last week of February. Yes, February... it's already the start of Spring on this other-worldly island.




Holy Island  Feb 19-27

reland  May 20-31

Cornwall Sept 7-17

Future Trips

Sr Margo's Book - "Sometimes a Star" 


Press Release

M.E. Colman is a life-professed member of the Convent of St. John Baptist, an Episcopal religious community for women in Mendham, NJ. For years, Sr Margo has been leading groups to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall. These group tours take the form of pilgrimages for many, a return to roots for some, or simply a vacation for others. After one such trip, Colman was driven to return to Ireland and speak to people there, to “tell their stories.” Sometimes a Star was written as a way of bridging the gap between many of the books being written on Celtic spirituality, and what M.E. Colman herself was seeing while in Ireland. The result is an earnest exploration of what “real people” are currently thinking and feeling about faith in Ireland. The book is a series of candid, absorbing conversations between Colman and a variety of people: a retired steel worker; Tony Flannery, a Redemptorist priest and author; a student; a young journalist; a Church of Ireland member; a farmer; an Anglican priest serving in Ireland; a former religious who now does charity work for the “travelers” in Ireland; Liam Lawton, a priest and a composer and performer of spiritual music—and many others. A vast range of topics is covered and discussed, from Celtic Spirituality to Celtic music to the state of the Catholic Church today—the scandals, celibacy, declining numbers in congregations and ordained priests—and what could be done, if indeed something should be done. M.E. Colman was eager to get a spectrum of perspectives from a wide range of ages, and was also determined for people to feel free and comfortable to talk about if they were not going to church, why that was so. She also asks each person “What sustains you?” and the answers are fascinating and inspiring. Often funny, thoroughly readable, and always thought provoking, M. E. Colman’s "Sometimes a Star" is a welcome exploration of faith today.